Mystery Missions™

How do I accept a mission?

Once you login to the site, click the 'Request' button to request a mission. When you find a mission you want to do, click 'Accept.' The mission will be stored in your profile for eight hours or until completed.

How do I submit a mission?

Once you login to the site, click the 'Submit' button to submit a mission.

What are mission parameters?

Parameters are guidelines for submitting missions, they can be found here.

What are clearance levels?

Performing certain actions on the site will add to your reputation points. The higher your reputation goes, the higher clearance you'll have. Higher clearance levels unlock different areas of the site. You increase your clearance level by submitting missions that OTHER AGENTS accept.

How do I gain rank / points?

By submitting missions that other agents accept because they are fun or interesting. You do not gain points simply by creating missions, or accepting missions from others!

How do I update my profile?

You will be able to update your profile once Mystery Missions is out of Beta.

How long do missions last?

Missions last for eight hours, or until marked as complete.

Do you sell or give out any personal information?

No, we do not sell or give out any personal information that we collect. For more details please review our privacy policy here.

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