Mystery Missions™

Step #1: Register

If you receive an error saying your information is already on file, you need to click "Clear Registration"

Step #2: You will be emailed a link.

Click on this link to proceed to the next step. If you do not get the link, please check your spam / junk folder

Step #3: Enter your phone number

If you receive an error, check to ensure you are entering your phone number correctly. If you still receive an error, you may have typoed when entering your phone number, or you did not select the correct country / carrier.

Step #4: Enter the code.

After entering your phone number, you will be on the page to enter your code. Wait for the code and enter it when it arrives. Several people have told me "I don't know where to enter the code!" Its the big box right next to "Enter Code".


Q: Do I need to have a cellphone to register?
A: Yes. There are no exceptions.

Q: My carrier / country is not listed!
A: We are not currently adding additional carriers or countries at this time.

Q: Will I be charged?
A: Mystery Missions does not charge anything. Standard text messaging rates apply for the (1) registration text.

Q: What do you mean standard rates?
A: Whatever your cellphone company charges you for receiving a text message.

Q: I keep getting my code texted to me!
A: Quit visiting the page to enter your phone number without also entering the code on the next page.

Q: I need assistance with registration, but I don't want to provide support with my phone number.
A: If you've attempted to register we already have your phone number. We ask for it in support emails for verification.

Q: What if I want to delete my account?
A: Send an email to including your phone number and we will delete it.

Q: Why do you require a text message?
A: To prevent people from creating an unlimited number of accounts to spam or evade suspensions / bans.

Q: I am getting a message saying my information is already on file!
A: See step #1

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